Vic Magary – Final Five Formula

Vic Magary – Final Five Formula

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Vic Magary – Final Five Formula

Desperate to get rid of those stubborn fat-loss plateaus?

Former Army Soldier Unleashes The #1 Military Secret to Kill the Last 5 – 10 Pounds of Enemy Fat in Just 28 Days!

Unique 3-Tiered System Ends Your Fat Loss Frustration And Gets Rid Of Love Handles, Lower Back Flab, And That Last Bit Of Belly Fat Hiding Your Abs – Without Starvation Diets Or Spending Hours In The Gym.

You’re not alone…

Everyone around you is happy with your appearance when you’re out for dinner, having a drink with friends, or even when you’re at work. But you know that to truly reach the level of AMAZING that you dream of, that last bit of fat needs to go.

You want to look head-turning, jaw-dropping, and absolutely AMAZING. Sure, feeling fit and healthy is great, but you know you need to reach that next level of body transformation. But no matter how hard you try, those final 5 – 10 pounds just won’t go away.

 width= That’s where Vic Magary comes in. As a U.S. Army Infantry veteran and personal trainer of 13 years, Vic has seen this frustration time and time again. He was even in the same boat, trying every tip and trick in the book and not making any progress.

That all changed when he stumbled across an ancient military quote and it suddenly hit him. He realized he was fighting against his body and needed to make a few subtle tweaks to get the results he wanted. With this new approach, he developed the 3-Tiered System of the Final Five Formula and the results were amazing.

Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 5.01.48 PM

When Vic posted the pics of his Final Five Formula body transformation online, the reactions came pouring in…

  • Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 5.15.19 PM An ex-girlfriend who had dumped him texted him with one word… “Damnnnn”.
  • A fellow fitness studio owner and female training partner told him she had no idea he was that “hot”.
  • An old high school buddy called him and practically begged him for his secrets to finally losing the Final Five.

With the Final Five Formula, Vic has the freedom to enjoy his favorite foods most of the time and then lean out with just a few tweaks to his diet and exercise for a few weeks.

That’s the beauty of the Final Five Formula…

We’re not talking about some long drawn out 12-week program. With this 3-Tiered System, you make subtle adjustments that get results fast. The real key is that the Final Five Formula guides you to make the right adjustments that shed those final few pounds, instead of the wrong adjustments that leave you frustrated and banging your head against the wall.


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