Celestine Chua – Eliminate Procrastination

Celestine Chua – Eliminate Procrastination

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Have you ever put off an important task and jeopardized your goals because of your procrastination? Do you often find yourself scrambling madly in the last minute to meet a deadline/submit a report/study because you were “busy” procrastinating in the days/weeks prior?

If the answer is yes, you are not alone. Every day, many people experience procrastination in different areas of their lives. From avoiding exercise, to neglecting their diet, to surfing Facebook, to procrastinating pursuing their passion, to not studying, procrastination can be like a termite that eats away people’s lives.

I used to be a heavy procrastinator as well. In school, I would put off studying for exams. I put off doing assignments and projects because I disliked them. When it was vacation time, I put off getting a job because I didn’t want to work. In the area of health and fitness, I wanted to lose weight but I kept playing lip service to exercising and eating right. I also procrastinated building relationships even though relationships are important in one’s life.

Then, things changed. During my early 20s, I became a natural go-getter. I was able to become the Dean’s Lister in my faculty and graduated as the top student in my specialization. At work, I was a consistent strong performer. When it was time to pursue my passion, I handed my resignation letter right away and started my personal development business. My blog “Personal Excellence” soon took off. Today, I do what I love and earn money doing it because I took action on my dreams five years ago.

Contrary to what many think, my consistent action has nothing to do with discipline. Neither does it have to do with me being naturally motivated.

The reason I’m able to take action whenever I want, wherever I want is because I figured out how to overcome procrastination–permanently. Through my years of personal growth, I have worked through the underpinnings behind procrastination and developed strategies to eliminate procrastination–for life!

Imagine being able to do anything you want, whenever you want, wherever you want. How much could you achieve in such a life? How accomplished would you become? I say you would be more accomplished than you have ever been, because now you are busy making waves in your life through consistent action rather than wasting minutes, even hours, procrastinating every day.

Well, you can be that natural go-getter and top achiever if you want. I’m excited to share the Anti-Procrastination Course, my four-week intensive course to help YOU tackle the underlying roots of your procrastination and finally unleash that top-achiever, go-getter in you. It is my no-frills and no-nonsense course which shares Celestine Chua’s secrets to tackling procrastination and how to eliminate procrastination–for life!


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