[Download Now] The Divine Map of Human Consciousness With Rav Doniel Katz

[Download Now] The Divine Map of Human Consciousness With Rav Doniel Katz

[Download Now] The Divine Map of Human Consciousness With Rav Doniel Katz

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Rav Doniel Katz - The Divine Map of Human Consciousness Rav Doniel Katz – The Divine Map of Human Consciousness

[Download Now] The Divine Map of Human Consciousness With Rav Doniel Katz


Crack the code of spiritual reality and experience moment-to-moment access to the Divine.

 /></div><p>Are you disenchanted with religion… but compelled by a profound sense of seeking… and a deep hunger for teaching…</p><p>… whether from a desire to overcome fear… or to find answers for life’s mysteries… or to find a meaningful and accessible path to the Divine?</p><p>In times of change, spiritual seeking is essential. It’s ultimately what can propel humanity forward… and into solutions beyond our imaginations — personally and collectively.</p><p>So how can you access this high spiritual work?</p><p>The ancient mystics whose teachings are found in the 4,000-year-old texts of the Torah and the Kabbalah defined this map as <strong>a “superstructure” of the full potential of your mind, body, and soul.</strong></p><p>Discovering this lucid map and how to “turn it on” is the key to activating your full potential, including…</p><p>… the ability to maintain perfect concentration and experience <strong>the unity and goodness of all things, a state of consciousness known as <em>chocma…</em></strong></p><p>… transmuting negative emotions and self-sabotaging desires, or <em>middos,</em> into <strong>higher states of consciousness, abundance, and creativity.</strong></p><div class=  /></div><p>… opening to the energetic influx or insight from <strong>superconscious states, or <em>tzaddik.</em></strong></p><p>… and energetically bonding with any person, being, object, or place in the physical or spiritual world — <strong>to give and receive healing </strong>through <em>hiskashrus</em> consciousness.</p><p>Rav Doniel Katz’s teachings are based on the most profound experiential and transformative teachings of the Torah. At their heart is a simple psychological model that awakens you to a whole new level of life… of depth, wonder, connection, and joy.</p><p>When grasped both theoretically and experientially, seekers of any level and background gain access to higher-level spiritual practices with greater ease.</p><p>Experiential practices and tools can empower YOU to turn on this map, activating higher energies and qualities within seven dimensions or “core faculties” of consciousness.</p><h3 class= 7 Core Faculties of Consciousness

 /></div><div class=  />The mystics understood that mind and body were not separate entities, but rather that the body was a direct extension of mind. Both the physical body and dense energetic field of consciousness that generates and maintains it, guf, contains its own unique properties of awareness, wisdom, will, and memory.</p></div><div class= Through the physical body itself, I can directly experience Divinity. — Job

 /></div><div class=  /><em>Middos</em> are the emotional drives, feelings, desires, and impulses — such as love, fear, ego, joy, and anger — contained within the field of consciousness known as “the heart.” The sole purpose of our lives is to heal our destructive middos by re-integrating and aligning them with our higher self.</p></div><div class= Purify my heart, so I may reveal You completely. — Siddur

 /></div><div class=  /><em>Hirhurim</em> is the free-associative power that magically reconfigures old ideas, revealing to you fresh channels of creativity and innovation. However, in the unmastered mind, <em>hirhurim</em> operates as a seemingly never-ending stream of random and distracting thoughts and images, primarily generated by past or future-based fears and desires.</p></div><div class= There may be many overwhelming thoughts in a person’s heart, but the underlying, inner Divine wisdom is always present. — Proverbs

 /></div><div class=  /><em>Daas</em> is not just another mental faculty like intellect, imagination, and emotion, but rather the pure, open field of consciousness in which all the other faculties operate. It’s a source of our capacity for self-awareness, will, attention, feeling, connection, knowledge, conscience, compassion, free choice, self-leadership, self-healing, and (somewhat ironically) self-transcendence.</p><p>Get immediately download <strong>Rav Doniel Katz – The Divine Map of Human Consciousness</strong></p></div><div class= If you lack daas, what do you have? If you have daas, what do you lack? — Talmud

 /></div><div class=  /><em>Sechel</em> is the rational and reasonable thinking faculty that deconstructs and analyzes in order to best understand what is real, right, valuable, and true. Dualistic and rational in nature, sechel deals with details and component parts, rather than whole, unified systems. Sechel prefers the objective clarity of facts and data, rather than the potential subjective distortion of feelings.</p></div><div class= I will enlighten your mind and guide you on the right path. — Psalms

 /></div><div class=  /><em>Chochma</em> is the blissful, transcendent, supernatural, superconscious state, lying hidden and dormant under our everyday ego-mind. At the moment this Divine mind is awakened, time seems to cease and our sense of self “melts away like wax,” revealing a higher state of infinite light, love, peace, wisdom, and connection. Through <em>Chocma</em>, we become experientially aware of the unity and goodness of all things and our innate connection to them.</p></div><div class= The state of chochma is accessed through the dissolution of self. — Job

 /></div><div class=  />Known as the Higher Self or the Divine Self, <em>daas elyon</em> is the superconscious root of our soul, personality, and destiny. Above and beyond the limitations of embodied consciousness, daas elyon has access to worlds, wisdom, and influence beyond what our rational mind can comprehend. It knows the true purpose and potential of our life, and operates as a teacher, guide, and conspirator in helping us achieve it.</p></div><div class= The whole world will be filled with Divine consciousness. – Isaiah

Be Guided by a Master Spiritual Teacher

 /></div><p>Rav Doniel Katz has synthesized the most profound teachings of 4,000 years of wisdom from Kabbalah, Chassidus, Mussar, and Talmud into a unified system that makes these high-level authentic spiritual teachings accessible to seekers of all backgrounds.</p><p>By nature an integrator and systems thinker, Rav Doniel is a deep spiritual seeker with a gift for awakening those same spiritual sensibilities in those he encounters, whatever their backgrounds or beliefs. Challenging conventional paradigms of self and the nature of reality, his teachings are simultaneously ancient and modern, transcendent and practical, intuitive and intellectual.</p><p>YOU can experience the profound spiritual depth, beauty, and transformative power of these extraordinary teachings — <strong>and turn on the map of Divine consciousness.</strong></p><div class=

In this 8-part online training, you’ll discover:

  • How to embody the sefirot , the image of the Divine within you — and experience an influx of light, blessing, and abundance in your mind and body
  • A Kabbalsitic energy meditation technique taught in hidden circles for thousands of years
  • Ancient meditations to evoke an illuminated level of Divine consciousness in mere minutes
  • An ancient tool to radically increase your capacity for concentration, motivation, creativity, and spiritual consciousness
  • Deveikus, the elevation of consciousness out of its animalistic, desire-focused ego-state, and up to its highest Divine source
  • How to release negative emotional build-up and unshackle yourself from self-sabotaging desires
  • The keys to emotional mastery and perfect concentration for deeper spiritual awareness
  • Hiskashrus , your innate capacity to energetically bond with and bring healing to any person, being, object, or place in the physical or spiritual world
  • Powerful techniques to positively influence, and receive and share energy or information with others

What You’ll Discover in These 8 Modules

The Torah’s teachings on consciousness are universal, transcending divisions and denominations, and speak to the heart of who we are. During this 8-part transformational intensive, Rav Doniel will guide you through the fundamental skills you need to turn on the Divine map — and unleash the full potential of your consciousness.Recorded teachings and experiential practices with Rav Doniel will build harmoniously, giving you a complete holistic understanding of the unique practices, tools, and principles that can evoke the transformative wisdom of the 4,000-year-old Kabbalistic tradition within you.

Module 1: The Divine Map of Human Consciousness (TZELEM ELOKIM)

 /></div><p>The ancient Kabbalists transmitted the definitive map of human consciousness that explained all psychological and spiritual experience and provided step-by-step instructions for achieving the highest level of personal mastery. In your first class with Rav Doniel, you’ll receive the full overview of the map, including the seven dimensions and how they align with parts of your consciousness.</p><p>The more you understand your mind, the more you can access its true power and embody the image of the Divine within you.</p><p>In this module, you’ll discover:</p><ul><li>A full overview of the Kabbalistic map for achieving personal and spiritual mastery</li><li>The 7 dimensions of the map, which align with your consciousness</li><li>How to access and embody the image of the Divine within you</li></ul></div></div></div><div class=

Module 2: Discover the Feminine Mind — The Key to Unlimited Focus & Creativity (RIKUZ HA’MACHSHAVA)

 /></div><p>In this module on mental mastery, you’ll receive an ancient tool to radically increase your capacity for concentration, motivation, creativity, and spiritual consciousness. When people concentrate, they unwittingly diminish the feminine aspect of the mind, Rav Doniel teaches.</p><p>You’ll be guided to unite your mind and heart, using an easy technique to radically increase your ability to concentrate on any given subject for an unlimited period of time. (Yes, even if you think you’re ADD!). The more open and relaxed your mind, the more open you will be to receiving spiritual downloads at any moment.</p><p>In this module, you’ll discover:</p><ul><li>The feminine mind, which is actually your heart — and how to unite it with your mind for perfect focus</li><li>An ancient spiritual tool to radically improve your ability to concentrate, and create from your divinity</li><li>The keys to relaxing mental activity so that you’re more open to downloads from Source, Spirit, the Divine</li></ul></div></div></div><div class=

Module 3: The Path of Inner Alignment — Clearing Blocks & Creating Resonance (TZADDICK)

 /></div><p>Building on the technique of perfect concentration, Rav Doniel will introduce you to the deeper purpose of concentration: to create a profound and sudden alignment between the mind, heart, and body on any given matter.</p><p>When these three levels of mind, heart, and body align, you find yourself open to energetic influx or insight from superconscious states. This is also the beginning of learning emotional mastery, to choose and control whatever emotional state you wish to enter or shift out of.</p><p>The Path of Inner Alignment is a transformative and healing tool that creates deep alignment and resonance between your lower and higher self. With this tool, you’ll <strong>clear energy blocks in your mind and body, </strong>laying the foundation for transcendent spiritual experiences.</p><p>In this module, you’ll discover:</p><ul><li>A tool to clear energy blocks in your mind and body</li><li>Rav Doniel’s powerful Path of Inner Alignment technique</li><li>The secret to emotional mastery and how to use emotional states to generate healing resonances</li><li>How to open to an energetic influx and insights from superconscious states</li></ul></div></div></div><div class=

Module 4: Embodying the Divine — Kabbalistic Energy Meditation Technique (MERKAVAH)

 /></div><p>The <em>Merkavah</em> (Divine Chariot) is one of the most primal, ancient, and esoteric teachings of Kabbalah. Join Rav Doniel to discover a Kabbalsitic energy meditation technique that was taught exclusively in hidden circles for thousands of years.</p><p>This technique will help you not only access but embody the <em>sefirot</em>, the image of the Divine within you. Experience the profound influx of light, energy, blessing, and abundance (<em>ohr, chaiyus, bracha,</em> and <em>shefa</em>) that comes through this healing and energizing practice.</p><p>In this module, you’ll discover:</p><ul><li>A primal and potent teaching from Kabbalah, known as The Merkavah</li><li>A Kabbalistic energy meditation technique to help you find the Divine within you</li><li>How to access and embody the Divine to experience an influx of abundance</li><li>Healing and energizing practices you can use on a daily basis</li></ul></div></div></div><div class=

Module 5: Accessing the Illuminated Divine — Experience Bliss, Wonder & Revelation (DEVEIKUS)

 /></div><p>One of the Torah’s commandments is to enter into a mystical superconsciousness and maintain it throughout your life. Imagine if you had the ability to close your eyes and access a state of deep bliss, feeling immersed in infinite light and love, at one with everything, reawakened to the full power of your soul and destiny. Any fear, doubts, and pain would vanish.</p><p><em>Deveikus</em> describes the elevation of consciousness out of its animalistic, desire-focused ego-state, and up to its highest Divine source. As this healing, energizing, non-dual consciousness expands your perception, you experience the unity and goodness of all things and your innate connection to them.</p><p><em>Deveikus</em> is a learnable skill, accessible to most people with only a little practice and effort. In this module, you’ll learn several ancient meditations that can help you evoke an illuminated level of Divine consciousness hidden within you in mere minutes.</p><p>In this module, you’ll discover:</p><ul><li>A Torah teaching on mystical consciousness</li><li>Simple meditation techniques to illuminate your consciousness</li><li>Your innate connection to infinite light and love, through the learned skill of <em>deveikus</em></li><li>How to release yourself from a desire-focused ego-state and reawaken to your full power</li></ul></div></div></div><div class=

Module 6: Psychically Binding Your Mind With Other People, Souls, Places & Properties to Influence & Receive (HISKASHRUS)

 /></div><p><em>Hiskashrus</em> is the innate capacity to energetically bond with any person, being, object, or place in the physical or spiritual world.</p><p>You possess this supernatural ability, but simply haven’t tapped it yet. Join Rav Doniel for this transformative module in which you’ll connect your mind with spiritual masters, holy places, and other souls. You’ll learn surprising techniques to positively influence and receive and share energy or information with others.</p><p>You’ll discover how your thoughts and perceptions can have a causative effect on another person’s consciousness — and you’ll witness this shift in their psychological and emotional states, which may forever change their destiny.</p><p>In this module, you’ll discover:</p><ul><li>The supernatural abilities you already possess to energetically bond with any person, place, or thing</li><li>Your connection — and how to access it — to spiritual masters, holy places, and other souls</li><li>Surprising techniques to positively influence others’ consciousness — for their emotional healing as well as your own</li></ul><p>Get immediately download <strong>Rav Doniel Katz – The Divine Map of Human Consciousness</strong></p></div></div></div><div class=

Module 7: The Power of True Resilience — Maintaining Heightened Spiritual Awareness Every Day (HISHTAAVUS)

 /></div><p>Unlock the power of equanimity — the ability to maintain a tangible sense of heightened spiritual awareness as you navigate your everyday challenges.</p><p><em>Hishtaavus</em> is the power of true resilience — the capacity to maintain an open, connected state, free from emotional turbulence, no matter what daily chaos and challenges you face. Join Rav Doniel to receive the keys to unlock and maintain a state of heightened spiritual awareness.</p><p>In this module, you’ll discover:</p><ul><li>The nature and power of true resilience</li><li>Tools to transform emotional turbulence into a more open, connected state</li><li>The key to unlock heightened spiritual awareness, no matter what challenges you face</li></ul></div></div></div><div class=

Module 8: Transmuting Destructive Emotions Into Elevated Consciousness (HA’ALOT HAMACHSHAVOS)

 /></div><p>The next-level teachings of Torah and Kabbalah emphasize that there is a divine spark in even our most destructive emotions. The key is to “ identify the good within the darkness of the desire,” Rav Doniel says, “At that second, the negativity falls away and there’s a transmutation integrating into your consciousness, actually expanding and healing you.” Lust, fear, ego, and pain become light and elevated consciousness through the extraordinary technique shared in this module.</p><p>Rav Doniel will show you how to release negative emotional build-up and unshackle yourself from self-sabotaging desires. As you go out and into the world, you’ll continue to transform the forces that hold you back into powerfully positive mental energy that can open you to higher states of consciousness, abundance, and creativity.</p><p>In this module, you’ll discover:</p><ul><li>What the Torah and Kabbalah teach us about the Divine — even in our most destructive emotions</li><li>An extraordinary technique to help free you from self-sabotaging desires and emotions</li><li>A technique for releasing negative emotional build-up and transforming it into higher states of consciousness, abundance, and creativity</li><li>A final blessing, along with parting wisdom and insights from Rav Doniel</li></ul></div></div></div><div class=

The Divine Map of Human Consciousness Bonus Collection

In addition to Rav Doniel’s transformative 8-part virtual course, you’ll receive these powerful training sessions with leading visionaries and teachers. These bonus sessions complement the course and promise to take your understanding and practice to an even deeper level.

Divine Map of Human Consciousness Bonus Session With Rav Doniel Katz

 /></div><p>After learning such deep and transformative techniques with Rav Doniel in the program, students joined him for one extra, exclusive 2-hour practical session to help integrate and explore more deeply all the gifts received so far. Rav Doniel guided some select students through a profound process to release their own blocks and access deeper states with ease and grace.</p></div></div><div class=

Extended Q&A Session With Rav Doniel Katz

 /></div><p>Students joined Rav Doniel for a smaller, more exclusive group for a no-holds-barred 90-minute webinar, where they were free to ask him any questions about his teachings or ask for guidance on their own life’s journey.</p></div></div><div class=

Package of Kabbalah Charts & Handouts Foundational PDFs From Rav Doniel

 /></div><p>An essential and fascinating breakdown of key terms and concepts from Kabbalah on the subject of the mind and consciousness. These ideas will be explored in depth throughout the program.</p></div></div><div class=

The God of Love Audio Dialogue With Rabbi David Ingber and Mirabai Starr

 /></div><p>In this conversation, Rabbi David Ingber and author Mirabai Starr engage each other in a discussion about the relationship to a God of Love in the Jewish tradition. In a world where God is often used to rationalize unloving acts, they’ll talk about invoking a God of Love to transform our view of what’s possible.</p><p><strong>Mirabai Starr</strong> is a critically acclaimed author and translator of sacred literature. She teaches and speaks widely on contemplative practice, interspiritual experience, and the transformational power of loss. Her works include <em>Dark Night of the Soul by John of the Cross</em>; <em>The Interior Castle</em> and <em>The Book of My Life by Teresa of Avila</em>; and <em>The Showings of Julian of Norwich; Mother of God Similar to Fire</em> (in collaboration with iconographer William Hart McNichols). Her 2012 book, <em>God of Love: A Guide to the Heart of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam</em>, winner of the New Mexico/Arizona Book Award, positioned her at the forefront of the emerging Interspiritual Movement.</p></div></div></div><h2 class= What People Are Saying About Rav Doniel Katz…  /></p><div class=  /></div><div class=

“… high, high experiences and totally transformative.”

Absolutely fantastic — high, high experiences and totally transformative. Exactly what I was looking for all my life. Who knew it was this close to home? Michael Kleinman , Atlanta

 /></div><div class=

“… it’s revolutionary to realize that I can generate my own positive emotions this strongly…”

It was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced… I was blown away by my own ability to calm my mind and control my thoughts this way. I didn’t know I could do that… and it’s revolutionary to realize that I can generate my own positive emotions this strongly… — Rebecca Salman , Brooklyn

 /></div><div class=

“… I feel more connected to myself than I ever knew I could.”

Elevation has made a huge impact on me in a relatively short time. It helped me think more clearly and manage my emotions better, which has been of great benefit both personally and professionally. I’m much more at peace with myself and others, and I feel more connected to myself than I ever knew I could. I am incredibly grateful. — Gregg DeMammos , Washington DC

 /></div><div class=

“… I finally found the path to the deep healing and connection I yearned for.”

After suffering for years from chronic illness, I had searched tirelessly for answers which neither Western, functional, or alternative medicine had to offer. When Rav Katz and the Elevation Program entered my life, I finally found the path to the deep healing and connection I yearned for. With every new technique I learned and adopted from the Elevation Mastery Program, my mind, heart, and body were calmed, healed, and transformed. I am so thankful to Rav Doniel for bringing these teachings to the world. — Hannah Cohen , Florida

 /></div><div class=

“… really took me to a way deeper place within myself then I had ever gone to…”

Despite having been to ashrams in India, learned at the Kabbalah Center, and practiced many different paths, I found The Elevation Mastery Program to be absolutely mind-blowing. Rav Doniel really took me to a way deeper place within myself then I had ever gone to in all these similar programs, and I broke through some pretty amazing blocks. Elevation teaches a deeper understanding of how we are made up psychologically, spiritually, and our connection to God and the universe and how it all works. I feel so happy to finally be learning my own wisdom — the wisdom of my people. — Ayelet Saban , Tel Aviv

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Receive ancient Kabbalistic practices to release negative emotional build-up and clear energy blocks.