Facebook Income School with Lester Diaz

Facebook Income School with Lester Diaz

Facebook Income School with Lester Diaz

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One of the biggest opportunities to make money online right now is Facebook, the social giant is taking the competition directly to YouTube and has introduced multiple monetization methods which for the first time allows you to EASILY get a cut of the multi billion dollar advertising juggernaut that is Facebook. Which is why right now is the best time to get into Facebook monetization.Since 2016 I’ve had the opportunity to be one of the lucky few who had access to the monetization features offered by Facebook, which let to making thousands by simply sharing videos and articles on Facebook.And YES.YOU CAN make a full-time income creating simple little Facebook pages that have been making money for the past few years.Today, you have the opportunity to watch over my shoulder and learn EXACTLY the step-by-step process I’ve used since 2016 to build pages to hundreds of thousands of likes that produce $1,000’s every month.Here’s what you get when you get access to my course Facebook Income School:Course CurriculumModule 1: IntroductionOverview (1:01)Facebook Monetization What You Should Know (3:07)Module 2: Creating Your Facebook PageOverview (2:09)Finding a niche (4:08)Researching a niche (18:47)Choosing the right name for your page (7:23)Creating your page (6:00)Making your page look professional (5:49)Module 3: Growing your Facebook PageThe 90-day growth plan (3:16)How to find and create viral posts (9:11)Getting your first 100 likes (12:50)Getting 10K targeted likes (part 1) (12:12)Getting 10K targeted likes (part 2) (8:38)Getting 0.01 per like on your page (case study) (3:01)Steps beyond 10K likes (4:00)Module 4: Finding & Creating VideosHow to find videos (15:17)Additional video content sources (2:58)Tips to avoid Facebook page violations (3:33)How to download any video online (1:54)How to organize your video content (3:50)How to find copyright-free music for videos (2:34)How to create a unique viral video (part 1) (6:23)How to create a unique viral video (part 2) (3:47)Uploading your video (2:55)Thumbnails, tags & more (6:15)Posting frequency and scheduling (2:43)Buying licensed viral videos (4:29)Using licensed viral videos (case study) (5:33)Module 5: Facebook MonetizationJoining Facebook Ad Breaks (2:42)Joining Facebook Instant Articles (5:54)Country Availability workaround (3:14)Reaching 30K 1-minute views fast (3:41)Facebook payments & general information (1:37)Module 6: How to get MORE viewsHow to boost a video (2:47)How to get views for $0.001 per view (part 1) (6:06)How to get views for $0.001 per view (part 2) (2:40)Using custom audiences for targeted views (4:16)How to use collaborations (3:38)Video suggestion method (2:06)Video repost method (3:10)Module 7: How to 2X your Ad Breaks earningsIncrease your RPM to make more money (4:05)The viral retargeting strategy (6:44)Module 8: ConclusionRinse and repeat (1:51)Joining our private Facebook group (1:29)What you should know (1:44) – After your purchase, you’ll see a View your orders link which goes to the Downloads page. Here, you can download all the files associated with your order.– Downloads are available once your payment is confirmed, we’ll also send you a download notification email separate from any transaction notification emails you receive from courselamps.net.– Since it is a digital copy, our suggestion is to download and save it to your hard drive. In case the link is broken for any reason, please contact us and we will resend the new download link.– If you cannot find the download link, please don’t worry about that. We will update and notify you as soon as possible at 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM (UTC 8).

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